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Follow These 5 Essential Steps To Reclaim Your Health


Step 1

Discover Why An Acidic Environment Is The Breathing Ground For Disease


You may be wondering why acidic foods are harmful and how an alkaline diet can help.

Watch this brief video to understand the relationship between acid and poor health.


<<Link to video>>


Step 2

Begin With A Cleanse


More than likely, years of sugar, bacteria, and acid has clogged your colon. This is what causes bloat and inflammation, which ultimately leads to disease. Those dangerous toxins must be removed before you can make room for the nutrients you need. And, yes, it can be done without any painful medical procedures or downtime!


Click here to get started with your organic colon cleanse.


<<Link to detox package>>


Step 3

Schedule A Coaching Session


If you’re serious about healing your body, I’m here to help. Replenishing your gut with the proper nutrients and balance requires guidance, intention, and consistency. My coaching packages are designed to provide you with the nutritional support you need to succeed.


<<Link to coaching page>>


Step 4

Dig Into My Treasure Chest


Embracing an alkaline diet is a life-long commitment. But breaking bad habits can be confusing and challenging at times. You may be tempted to buy that meat lover’s pizza. Or perhaps you don’t know the proper herbal remedy for your condition. No need to worry. I have several resources to help you throughout each step of your journey.


<<Link to resources page>>


Step 5

Join The Alki Life Movement


If you’re ready to beat disease through a plant-based diet, then get on board! Join the Alki Life Movement to learn about our health workshops, events, live cooking demonstrations, books, and products.


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