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From Wall Street To Gourmet Vegan Chef


For decades strangers have trusted me with their financial assets. Now they’re trusting me with the biggest asset of them all.




Certified vegan chef and health educator, Georgia Wright-Lane here. And I’m delighted to share the scoop on how AlkiLife was conceived.


You see, I’ve always played many roles in life. Wife, financial advisor, Wisdom Wealth Coach… But none of those titles can compare to my biggest role of them all.




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Like most moms, motherhood completely transformed my life. Suddenly, it wasn’t all about me anymore. I understood that every step I took impacted the lives of three beautiful girls who were depending on my guidance and wisdom.


I’m a fierce mom willing and ready to protect my children at all costs. But mamma bear mode kicked into a whole new gear when a health crisis hit home.


When Your Child Is Sick, You Seek Answers


Meet Autumn. She’s my baby girl. She’s sweet, gentle, and a downright comedian. Being around her for two minutes will fill your day with joy and laughter. But my heart skipped a beat when I noticed a slight change in her behavior.


After careful observation, I realized Autumn was suffering from hearing loss. Worry washed over me. Countless questions flooded my mind.

What was going on?

Why was this happening?


Seeing a doctor was the first step. After running a few tests, he confirmed my fears. Autumn was losing hearing in one ear.






overcame me. But I didn’t have the luxury of wallowing in any of those emotions. It was time to act fast.


Scheduling an appointment with an audiologist was the next step. But this was – my - daughter. The beautiful life that entered this world through me-

There was no way I was going to sit on the sidelines while a team of doctors took control.

So, I got to work. I began searching my mind. I dug down deep to see if I’d missed something.


Had Autumn been experiencing any symptoms prior to the hearing loss? That’s when it dawned on me.


Mucus Might’ve Been The Culprit


For weeks, my daughter had been coughing and sneezing up globs of mucus. I suppose I didn’t connect the dots since my kids were already vegetarians. But her sudden hearing loss caused me to question if the excessive amount of mucus was the problem.


It Was Time To Make Extreme Dietary Changes


I started by removing dairy from my daughter’s diet. That’s right. No eggs, cheese, cow milk, etc.


Next, I monitored the results. And they were astounding! Following a vegan diet caused the excessive amounts of mucus to subside. And here’s the best part. There was a significant improvement in Autumn’s hearing.


By the time she returned to the doctor, her hearing was crystal clear. All the doc could do was classify her case as a medical miracle.


But Maybe There Was A Connection Between Food And Healing


Research has already shown us the endless ways we can eat our way to obesity, disease, and ultimately, death. But maybe, just maybe, the opposite was true too.


My mind started racing…



•Healed myself from hepatitis

•Cured my asthma

•Restored my daughter’s hearing


All Through A Dietary Shift


Relatives, friends, and strangers that I’d helped shared a common denominator. They were healed through plant-based food.


I was, finally, starting to connect the dots. Change what you put into your body; change what comes out. One thing became abundantly clear.


Sacred Healing Powers Were Lying Dormant In Plant-Based Food


That’s when my plant-based obsession began. I read books and articles, watched videos, and studied under herbalist gurus like the great, late Dr. Sebi.


What I discovered blew my mind!






and every other disease can be cured or managed through a plant-based diet.


<<Link to Dr. Sebi’s site>>


This caused me to reflect on my West Indie roots. Routine doctor visits were rarely required in Jamaica. I suppose living in the midst of a tropical paradise had something to do with it.


My grandma was a medicine woman. She picked fresh coconuts, mangos, and herbs from the garden. Those powerful nutrients were the natural medicine that provided nourishment and healing for our bodies.


No pills…

No needles…

Just pure treatment straight from the earth.


That was the type of natural healing I yearned to reintroduce to American culture. Powerful vegetables, fruits, and herbs became my new best friends. Alkaline food was the only cuisine I cooked and served. Soon, my kitchen was transformed into a house of healing.


Stirring The Pot By Training Under An Award-Winning Raw Vegan Chef


Teaching people how to heal their own bodies is a spiritual journey. Participants are required to abandon old food habits and adopt a new food lifestyle. Such transition can be scary and difficult.


Part of my goal is to provide clients with delicious vegan inspired dishes that’ll satisfy every palate. Weeks of intense training at the Graff Academy helped me to pull it off.


I was privileged to work hands-on with Chef Gideon Graff.


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Chef Gideon has over 30 years of experience as a raw vegan chef. It was an honor to work side-by-side with the best. During my training, I learned how to prepare a diverse range of vegan cuisine.


I put a Caribbean twist on savory:






Between my herbal education and vegan culinary classes, I was ready to serve those who desired a natural alternative for healing their body.


Thus, Alki Life Was Born


Often, people like to play modest when they say something chose them, not the other way around. But I’m serious as a heart attack when I say this life chose me.


My background has always been in finance. I was a top trader in Wall Street at the age of 23. Dining with corporate suits and closing million dollar accounts was my daily life.


Preparing vegan dishes and providing plant-based consultations wasn’t anywhere on my radar. But as they say.

“We plan, and God laughs.”


This journey has been, and continues to be, a test of faith and obedience. God is ordering my steps to serve others. He’s shown me that the gift of healing and love is in my hands. Now I transfer that energy and knowledge to everyone I touch.


Are You Ready To Claim A Seat At The Table?


Healing the body through a plant-based diet isn’t for everyone. It requires:




•Letting go





A lot of people aren’t prepared for such an intense journey. If western medicine, surgeries, and treatments are your preference I completely respect and understand your decision.


But if you are searching for a long-term health solution that doesn’t involve pills, pain, or down-time, a plant-based diet might be right for you.




•Heart disease



•And so much more


can be healed through a plant-based diet. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, I invite you to join me inside my kitchen of healing. This vegan chef/ consultant is ready to help you reclaim your health.


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